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Best hole in the wall Mexican resturant in Kuwait?

asked Mar 19 in Food by MasterBlaster (1,370 points)
Exclude franchise places such as Taco Bell, Fridays, Chillis etc
I know there are several restaurants, Solo, En Mexico, Azteca etc
But im looking for a real hidden gem


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3 Answers

answered Mar 19 by Anonymous
No one is going to share their "real hidden gem" lol no matter what restaurant/cousine it is

I don't know any other besides from what uve listed, I still havent even tried azteca and solo
answered Mar 20 by Mark (46,970 points)
check this place out since u haven't listed it http://248am.com/mark/food/la-flor-tex-mex/
answered May 17 by Sarah
I can't believe nobody commented Mama Lita's! It's in Mahboula, it's incredibly authentic, and their chimichangas are honestly fantastic. It's definitely a hole in the wall, but they're available on Talabat.
commented May 22 by TooLegit
hmmm...  Chimichanga? this restaurant may serve delicious food, but I don't know about authentic.

Chimichangas were invented by an American, source below:

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