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Why are they digging up the pavements and sidewalks everywhere???

asked Mar 19, 2017 in Other by anonymous
No place to walk or bike!

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3 Answers

answered Mar 19, 2017 by Civilian
If you are referring to mishref, than its because the govt wants to make Algous street into a small highway
answered Mar 19, 2017 by anonymous
Usually it's to widen streets or to change/add cables or pipes.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by anonymous
Yup are all wrong. The reason  you see them dig up the same pavements all the time is corruption. The ministry has a budget. They have to use it so they dig up the same pavement they did before and sell the old paving stones privetly. Notice it's only ever on the main roads never anywhere else. Have you seen how much of a crap job they do.
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