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Where's the best place to buy US iTunes cards here? As far as I can see, xcite is the cheapest with the $100 for KD30.5 Does anyone offer it cheaper? CHEERS!

asked Mar 25, 2017 in Technology by Daver
Completely unrelated, but why can't a 'robot' click on that I'm not a robot button?

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5 Answers

answered Mar 28, 2017 by anonymous
maximus cards
commented Mar 29, 2017 by anonymous
That's so expensive, try Xcite next time.
answered Mar 28, 2017 by anonymous
Clicking the "I'm not a robot" button throws up a captcha challenge which, theoretically, a bot will not be able to pass.
commented Mar 29, 2017 by anonymous
I don't get it.  Its just a mouse click.  What's complex about that?
commented Apr 1, 2017 by Mark (65,480 points)
its a mouse click true but the way you move the mouse to the click is different from how a robot would. so if the way you move your mouse to the click is suspicious or resembles a robot, then you get an advanced captcha to make sure you're not a robot.
commented Apr 5, 2017 by anonymous
commented Mar 9, 2018 by anonymous
just randomly move your mouse after you check the check box and sometimes the popup will not appear. a tip
answered Apr 1, 2017 by anonymous
Never mind.  Xcite raised their prices now.  The $100 is now 32.5kd.  2KD extra overnight.  FUCK THAT!
answered Jun 21, 2017 by Rafiki
www.ubuy.com is  almost a dinar cheaper than xcite. and their 30.500 KD is x-cite's special price. ubuy is cheaper than that even!
answered Mar 9, 2018 by anonymous
Sheeel.com has got iTunes cards today.  100 iTunes card  = KD 28.9 which is so cheap it converts to $96.

Grab it now!
commented Mar 9, 2018 by anonymous
Pro Tip:  Fund your Hulu, Netflix, and HBO NOW through iTunes.  Hassle free and cheaper (in this case cheaper than if you were living in the US).
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