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Need to upgrade my shave game...

asked Mar 27, 2017 in Grooming by anonymous
Basically I'm looking to upgrade my shaving gel, razor and aftershave from Gillette. What do you guys recommend and where can I buy them? I looked up some shaving creams and balms on Amazon, but I'm wary of ordering them online since they're liable to leak.

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4 Answers

answered Mar 27, 2017 by Anonymous
Specialized men's saloon carry good stuff, also try debenhams/vavavoom and maybe boots

I also don't want to order these kind of stuff online
answered Mar 27, 2017 by BM
you are kinda complicated person
answered Mar 28, 2017 by Mark (64,680 points)
I ordered my shaving balm online, no leak. If you want locally Spaloon and His Essentials both carry beard products.
answered Mar 30, 2017 by UnionJack
I highly recommend www.dollarshaveclub.com

The video is worth watching in itself.
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