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where can I buy bee keeping equipment?

asked Mar 31 in Hobbies by Anonymous
Like everything to get started: the beehive, queen bee, protective suit, etc..

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2 Answers

answered Mar 31 by Mark (46,250 points)

They'll come set up a beehive for you and then split the honey with you.
commented Mar 31 by Anonymous
Thanks, but they already put the beehive in my house haha. So I need equipment
answered Apr 5 by Mark (46,250 points)
Found this info on a place:

"there's a store in the area behind London shopping center, whatsapp me on 96669617 and I can send you the location"

taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/BKQT1yMjEfa/
commented Apr 5 by Anonymous
Yes that's great! Thanks! I meant to say earlier that I already had a friend drop off a hive to me

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