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Can't Remember The Location of a Chinese Resturant in Salmiya!

asked Apr 13, 2017 in Food by Nada
Ugh I've been looking for HOURS on the internet for this Chinese restaurant in Salmiya that I'm 100% sure I passed by a year or two ago.
So from memory it was called "China Hut" and it was so tiny, it was cozy-looking and I remember it was walking distance from where I live (around Khalid Complex Salmiya)
I googled and googled, but I just don't find any trace of evidence that this place existed. I'm so frustrated because I'm sure I didn't make this memory up! HELP ME!
China/Chinese Hut?

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3 Answers

answered Apr 14, 2017 by Anonymous
Are you referring to the one not far from the underground Johnny Rockets and Fanar?

I think it changed its name to Noodles, you can find it on google maps
commented Apr 14, 2017 by Anonymous
But u mentioned that it's walking distance from Alkhalid complex, so that seems a bit far... There's also China house but that's also a bit far for a walk
commented Apr 14, 2017 by Nada
I'll look that up, but yes, you're right i don't think it's that far. I'll go for more walks in hopes to stumble upon it!
commented Apr 14, 2017 by Nada
I also keep thinking that it closed down or something, but at least it would be anywhere on the internet.
answered Apr 14, 2017 by Mark (55,820 points)
The only Chinese place I know of in that area is the Chinese place across the street from Al Khalid Complex called "China Town". You sure its not that one? There is an ice cream place near it.

commented Apr 14, 2017 by Nada
Hi Mark!
No, i wasn't referring to this place, i know china town, nice place, good food (actually had dinner there last night). It's too close to where i live and i pass by it everyday. I'm pretty sure that place was somewhere on the way from khalid complex to marina, and i'm pretty sure it was called china town. I'll keep looking ;)
answered Apr 16, 2017 by kk12002 (3,860 points)
China Gate Restaurant
Al Dimna St, Salmiya
2571 0696


China House Restaurant
2571 3360

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