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Money exchange in Souk Mubarakiya?

asked Apr 15 in Other by Rane

I would like to ask if is it best to buy Turkish Liras and Euros in Souk Mubarakiya? And is it best rate compare to the money exchange in airport?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

answered Apr 15 by Mark (46,130 points)
There are a bunch of exchange shops next to each other in Mubarakia so you could hop from one to another to get the best rate. They most likely will offer you a better rate than the exchange shops at the airport.
commented Apr 15 by Rane
Thank you
answered Apr 15 by Sam
Don't know about Lira, but the Souk always offers a better rate than the airport for USD. For instance:

Airport rate/ 100USD: ~29.5
Souk rate/ 100USD: ~30.4
commented Apr 15 by Rane
Thank you

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