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Where can I learn to drive a manual gear car?

asked 6 days ago in Automotive by Anonymous
edited 6 days ago
Besides Prodrive academy... They are too expensive for the simple manual lessons

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1 Answer

answered 6 days ago by GoogleIt
KMC (or Kuwait Motoring Company), they offer courses for driving manuals, they have two cars a new Nissan Patrol (the big one) and a new Jeep Wrangler which are both great, as far as I know the price on the wrangler is 15Kd per hour but you can always ask for more details, their instagram is "kmckuwait"
commented 6 days ago by Amonymous
Yea I just edited my question right before u answered lol... They are too expensive for the manual gear lessons. But if they changed it to 15/hr i might consider it

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