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is there any place where i can buy flowers for cheaper price....?

asked Apr 17 in Housing by VjSheri (890 points)
hello....i came from a country where flowers were pretty cheap....u can say 50fils for a rose in my country but here the flowers are pretty expensive (1kd for a rose)....is there any place where i can buy flowers for cheaper price...i am looking for lilies

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3 Answers

answered Apr 18 by anonymous
They are pretty much priced the same, so you will have to go and look around. Try areas where there are a lot of flower shops in the same block for instances, or poorer areas.
answered Apr 20 by anonymous
Try this place in basement (See below link). You have to buy a dozen at least.

answered Apr 20 by Dana
The cheapest good quality flowers in my opinion are Gentleman Farmer (Instagram @gfkw), they have very reasonably priced local and imported flowers. Salmiya has a wholesale shop in a basement, this is their website: www.tahaniflowers.com the location is on there too.
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