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which is the best Indian school in kuwait?

asked 5 days ago in Education by kk12002 (1,230 points)
best school in terms of curriculum.. extra curriculum.. discipline etc. plz share ur experience

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6 Answers

answered 5 days ago by Alphanso (3,660 points)
Don Bosco School &  SIMS
answered 4 days ago by kevinluther111 (140 points)
Indian Educational School in Kuwait is a part of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a premier institution of education in India. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded in 1938 by Dr. K. M. Munshi, a far-sighted visionary and a practical idealist, who was also one of the chief members of India’s constituent assembly. The Bhavan has the blessings of Gandhiji. https://reviews.clazwork.com
answered 3 days ago by anonymous
Where ever you leave your kid...please dont put him in DPS (FAIPS). The worst school, i have seen. No discipline or care for the children at all. Children good in studies will study anywhere, the main things to be taken care of is to give proper guidance to the kids. They run because of the school-name. Collect 3 times the fees and 0 facilities.
answered 2 days ago by Nicholas Thomas (1,620 points)
Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco) in Salmiya
answered 2 days ago by vxs8685 (160 points)
I asked around and Indian Educational School seems to be a good school, as far as I've known from my colleagues who send their kids there. Might not hurt to go and check it out.

All the best!!
answered 6 hours ago by kk12002 (1,230 points)
thanks for all your advise.!
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