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New American Cafe Franchise Looking for a Spot to open, All Suggestions are appreciated.

asked Apr 19, 2017 in Food by vxs8685 (260 points)
Greetings Members and Admin,
I hope all of you are well and in good spirits. My company has recently ventured into the Food and Beverage Business and have decided to buy a part share of an American Cafe Franchise. I am not authorized to disclose the details, so please do bear with me. I have visited many spots in Kuwait; but since I am new here, I have no clue where to begin and get a proper market sketch. I've visited the most common malls like Avenues etc. But I am looking forward to a place with good foot traffic and not be constricted to malls etc. I have been following this website for quite a while it's a combo with my morning coffee, and quite honestly "Hats Off" for Mark's efforts and I hope he never stops. Truly it's one of the best sites for everyone who is new here. I humbly request any feedback regarding my question, any locations that I can visit would be helpful; keeping in mind it is a new brand in the market.

Thank You

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4 Answers

answered Apr 20, 2017 by Alphanso (6,720 points)
try Al-Bustan Mall SALMIYA.  Lots of people drinking coffee there.
Mayar Complex Shuwaikh
commented Apr 20, 2017 by vxs8685 (260 points)
Thank You Alphanso for your suggestion, please do alert me if anything else pops up as well. Meanwhile, I will scout around these locations you have mentioned; thanks again.

answered Apr 20, 2017 by Mak
I would suggest darwaza area in Kuwait city, it already has quite a few cafes and restaurants, and it's jam packed during evening hours. You can visit the place and have a look after 7pm. Although you might have a real competition for the business.but the place always has a lot of people visiting who wanna enjoy their time. Type this location on Google map

All the best with your search
commented Apr 21, 2017 by vxs8685 (260 points)
Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your suggestion, I will go and check it out. This is exactly like the first time I explored time square.. Hahaha; no clue in the world where to go. I really appreciate the Map Coordinates, again if anything else comes to your mind please let me know. It'd help a lot.
Cheers Mate
commented Apr 21, 2017 by vxs8685 (260 points)
answered Apr 20, 2017 by anonymous
I have great suggestions for locations, but nothing comes for free.
commented Apr 21, 2017 by vxs8685 (260 points)
Bravo on the Warren Buffett quote. =D
commented Apr 21, 2017 by anonymous
Sorry I don't know who that is.
commented Apr 23, 2017 by vxs8685 (260 points)
No one in particular, just the third richest person in the world. Back to the topic are you an agent of some sort, cus I don't particularly pay for a suggestion normally..haha :)
answered Apr 23, 2017 by Shamlan
I have no place in mind but I recommend it to be in either Kuwait City or Salmiya (mainly k city though)
And look for a place that is near to a popular site where the place is busy and so your customers can go to the location of the cafe easily (since it's near a landmark or a popular site).
Good luck with running the cafe!
commented Apr 23, 2017 by vxs8685 (260 points)
Thank You so much for your suggestion Shamlan. It's a very good idea indeed, Kuwait city is like the Manhattan of Kuwait ; just instead of bars it's caf├ęs.. Ahaha. Hopefully I will succeed in finding a spot. Will definitely post it once we begin.

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