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New American Cafe Franchise Looking for a Spot to open, All Suggestions are appreciated.

asked 3 days ago in Food by vxs8685 (160 points)
Greetings Members and Admin,
I hope all of you are well and in good spirits. My company has recently ventured into the Food and Beverage Business and have decided to buy a part share of an American Cafe Franchise. I am not authorized to disclose the details, so please do bear with me. I have visited many spots in Kuwait; but since I am new here, I have no clue where to begin and get a proper market sketch. I've visited the most common malls like Avenues etc. But I am looking forward to a place with good foot traffic and not be constricted to malls etc. I have been following this website for quite a while it's a combo with my morning coffee, and quite honestly "Hats Off" for Mark's efforts and I hope he never stops. Truly it's one of the best sites for everyone who is new here. I humbly request any feedback regarding my question, any locations that I can visit would be helpful; keeping in mind it is a new brand in the market.

Thank You

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3 Answers

answered 3 days ago by Alphanso (3,660 points)
try Al-Bustan Mall SALMIYA.  Lots of people drinking coffee there.
Mayar Complex Shuwaikh
commented 2 days ago by vxs8685 (160 points)
Thank You Alphanso for your suggestion, please do alert me if anything else pops up as well. Meanwhile, I will scout around these locations you have mentioned; thanks again.

answered 2 days ago by Mak
I would suggest darwaza area in Kuwait city, it already has quite a few cafes and restaurants, and it's jam packed during evening hours. You can visit the place and have a look after 7pm. Although you might have a real competition for the business.but the place always has a lot of people visiting who wanna enjoy their time. Type this location on Google map

All the best with your search
commented 2 days ago by vxs8685 (160 points)
Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your suggestion, I will go and check it out. This is exactly like the first time I explored time square.. Hahaha; no clue in the world where to go. I really appreciate the Map Coordinates, again if anything else comes to your mind please let me know. It'd help a lot.
Cheers Mate
commented 2 days ago by vxs8685 (160 points)
answered 2 days ago by anonymous
I have great suggestions for locations, but nothing comes for free.
commented 2 days ago by vxs8685 (160 points)
Bravo on the Warren Buffett quote. =D
commented 1 day ago by anonymous
Sorry I don't know who that is.
commented 1 hour ago by vxs8685 (160 points)
No one in particular, just the third richest person in the world. Back to the topic are you an agent of some sort, cus I don't particularly pay for a suggestion normally..haha :)
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