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I bought an Apple earbuds from a known electronic store, and I'm suspecting it's a knockoff sold at the original price. What should I do?

asked Apr 28, 2017 in Other by Salah
The right earbud stopped working for no reason after four months of light use only. Since the first day I opened the earbuds and touched it I felt it was not original. I know I'm supposed to go to the consumer protection, but I wanted to know if I they can help in such situations or if I shouldn't bother going.

Also, does anyone know the location of the consumer protection for items bought in Salmiya?


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2 Answers

answered Apr 29, 2017 by Mark (63,780 points)
If it stopped working after four months of light use doesn't mean its fake just means it might be defective. If you did by it from a know electronics store then the earbuds are still covered under warranty. Get them swapped.
commented May 1, 2017 by salah
Actually the moment I opened the box and touched the cable I instantly remembered the old fake ones that I usually buy for 1KD from the phone stores when I forget my original at home. At first i thought maybe I'm being paranoid, but someone else wanted to use my headphones for a bit and he also asked me if those were original the moment he he felt those cables, and Ii didn't even mention anything to him before that. After buying another headphones from Digits, I compared the ones I bought before with Digits'. The material of the cables feels different and the print on the packaging looks way off on the one I suspect fake. I'm telling you, there's a good chance I was sold fake earbuds.
commented May 1, 2017 by Mark (63,780 points)
the feel of the cable isn't a good way to judge if its fake or not. I have original earbuds and they feel fake and look cheap because they are cheap. If its a "well known" store then they're selling originals and if you've had them for under a year then they're covered with warranty. You don't even need the receipt FYI. For example with xcite they can pull up your receipt from their database if you don't have it so go back to the shop you bought it from and have them fix or replace it for you.
commented May 1, 2017 by anonymous
Alright, thanks Mark.
answered Apr 30, 2017 by kk12002 (4,520 points)
commented May 1, 2017 by salah
Thanks man, this should be very helpful. I'll try it out once I'm home.
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