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Any recommended physical therapists to help recover from an ACL injury?

asked May 10, 2017 in Other by Raza
Would appreciate if someone could also give an estimate of their fees per visit / session

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2 Answers

answered May 10, 2017 by anonymous
Can't give you a specific recommendation for ACL but I had a relative who went to Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) for their back and she said they were great. Check out people here: http://fsrikuwait.org/physiotherapy-meet-the-team.html

I can't remember the exact prices but I know some insurances will cover it. Just give them a call to ask 2572-1757
commented May 10, 2017 by Mark (52,410 points)
when my mum went it was KD25 a session
commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous
Yeah it probably depends on the physiotherapist, the presenting issue, and if insurance covers or not
answered Jun 7, 2017 by anonymous
Tel 90991136
Captain Taha Mustafa

I think he works in Golds gym salmiya now. I did 1 month of strengthening b4 my acl surgery and 6 months of physio after with him till i was able to run, jump and ride the bicycle. this was in 2014.

Not sure how much he charges now though. or if u have to pay through the gym.
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