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Where can i get Travel boxes ? as i m moving apartments i will need boxes.

asked May 13, 2017 in Other by Muzammil

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4 Answers

answered May 13, 2017 by fajer
you can ask for empty produce boxes at most supermarkets if you waant free ones
answered May 13, 2017 by Riba (2,040 points)
You can find cardboard boxes of various sizes in Ace Hardware. I suspect you might find them cheaper elsewhere, but this is the only place I know that has them for sure.
answered May 13, 2017 by JinX
There's a place called Box Center in Shuwaikh behind the London Shopping Center (below is their google map location). They have all size boxes as well as other packing materials.

answered May 13, 2017 by anonymous
The simplest way get one is to go at a small cargo or freight forwarders company(not DHL,ARAMEX)  and buy them, they charge 1 kd for a standard carton. There are plenty of them in murgab area in kuwait city near the roundabout mosque.
The cartons they sell are quite strong. or you can visit local supermarket in mornings 6-7am and ask for as many you like but they are very light and might tear off. but if you are  lucky you can find cigarette carton which are strong as hell.
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