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Delivery from HongKong Post and USPS?

asked May 17, 2017 in Other by ahmed
My situation now is i have to travel by end of the month and i ordered two items online from two different stores before i decided to travel and i don't know if i will be able to pick them up before leaving, and if i traveled, can anyone pick them up for me? (because they will send them with anyone who is traveling to my country)

I Ordered an item from Dhgate.com and it will be delivered by HongKong Post and the tracking says the package is shipped at 14/5/2017 and now in transit

And Ordered an item from USA and it is being delivered by USPS  and it is in transit status since 13/5/2017

1- Can someone pick them up for me?
2- What is the expected date of delivery if u guys used these services before?
3- I set my location at Salmiya in the Delivery Location, will they be delivered to the location or just post office where i go to pick them up? and which post office? and Can someone pick them up for me?

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1 Answer

answered May 17, 2017 by Mark (55,820 points)
it will take 20-30 days for your package to be ready to pick up, sometimes longer.
it won't be delivered to your home, you need to go to the post office to pick it up.

I would expect your packages to arrive and be ready to pick up sometime next month.
commented May 17, 2017 by Ahmed
For the two packages? At what post office?
Can someone pick it up for me?
commented May 18, 2017 by Mark (55,820 points)
If knew the answers would have told you. Most likely you pick it up from the hateen post office, used to be the kefan post office before
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