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Social allowance for freelance developer without office

asked May 18, 2017 in Work by anonymous
I am a Kuwaiti National and have been working in the private sector for 10 years. I hold a degree in computer engineering I’m looking to leave my current employer and freelance as a developer.
Is there a legal way (without working the system) to establish an LLC and get social allowance without having a physical office location?

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3 Answers

answered May 19, 2017 by Mark (64,680 points)
commented May 21, 2017 by anonymous
You can get a license but you will not get social allowance without a physical location
answered May 20, 2017 by anonymous
Yes you definetly can be self employed and receive social allowance, they call it (elbab elkhamis), but I'm not sure if  a physical location is required.
commented May 20, 2017 by Mark (64,680 points)
KBC have this new thing where you don't need a physical location anymore, a mailbox would suffice.
commented May 21, 2017 by anonymous
Yes I know, but that license may not necessary qualify for a Kuwaiti to receive social allowance.
answered May 22, 2017 by anonymous
Catch 22
You can't get social allowance without being hired by a business or own your business
You can't get a business (license) without physical location
I know i have set up several businesses
However get a physical address (with lease - must have lease to tie to physical location) to set up a business then shut the location down BUT in order to renew the license you need a physical address and lease again
NO your home cannot be the location of the business - buildings are coded by balidiya for residential or business
Bite the bullet and pay for a cheap office - then sublet it or get office space and never show up....
Or get 'ghost employment' by a company that needs Kuwaitis ...... just for your allowance
Or set up a business (like a salon but under a broader general traditions license) and let someone else run the company (lots of Indian woman i know want to run a salon but need a business owner)
commented May 22, 2017 by Mark (64,680 points)
his home can be the location of the business, KBC now allows that
commented May 22, 2017 by anonymous
But he may not qualify for a social allowance.

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