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looking for a parttime work like 4-6hours, I am kuwaity but i cant speak fluent arabic. Just need your suggestions, I hate sitting my ass when I am free.

asked May 22, 2017 in Work by -insein
Computer literate, workaholic, english speaking, nurse graduate.

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6 Answers

answered May 22, 2017 by anonymous
edited May 22, 2017
Don't worry there's plenty of Kuwaitis like yourself who speak little or no Arabic who have been brought up abroad or who have a non Kuwaiti parent. My suggestion is if you got time on your hands to do 4-6 hours work why not try doing some Arabic classes. Doesn't matter how old you are. Once you learn a bit it will be to your advantage. This speaking from some1 like ya self.  By the way don't bother with a part time job your wasting ya time and pay is crap. You will be lucky to find 1 coz u r kuwaiti.
commented May 22, 2017 by anonymous
Hi there.. Thanks for an inspiring message.. I tried  going into some private school before but I got confused because "kuwaity arabic" is different vs the one they taught which is "fus ha".. So I stopped. XD
commented Jun 8, 2017 by Sas
Hi again, don't worry stick with it. Your best bet is getting a private teacher. To come n teach you say 2-3 times a week. Once you got the basics it will easier learning the local dialect. Email me
commented Feb 17, 2018 by Killshot (870 points)
fusha is basically the right way to speak Arabic take British English for an example now Kuwaiti Arabic is something akin to a Scotish accent.You don't learn accents in school, you learn them from people you pick it up. why do you want an accent anyway why not speak pure Arabic, there's no need to learn every single accent learn the language itself.

Most people aren't good at it even the most literate Arabic poet isn't equivalent to a 2-year-old from the days of the prophet.These letters have dots added to them,nahow didn't exist, neither did most of the added symbols these were added because they saw how many new retards have been learning Arabic falsely and knew the future generations would only get worse.To preserve the right way to speak the Quran Kareem Othman ordered these transitions. Do you know even with all the effort othoman put himself through, Arabic is still one of the hardest languages to learn, I mean to really learn. I mean think about it all you'll ever learn will make you the equivalent of a 2-year-old.Everything you would learn the 2-year-old already knew, they didn't have to learn it they just picked it up just like that from the adults talking. That thought is discouraging but at the same enticing.

That's my thought on the matter I had no intention of persuading or revolting you of the thought of learning Arabic
commented Feb 27, 2018 by Annoyed
This is the worst explanation of dialects I have ever read. Do you know how condescending you are? The dialects are living and real languages... not 'accents'!! Do you hear people using the مثنى form on the street?! Languages are alive when they are SPOKEN.
answered May 24, 2017 by Sarah (480 points)
A lot of banks and telecommunications companies hire part time call center agents.
commented May 24, 2017 by anonymous
oh i see.. thanks
answered Feb 15, 2018 by Maridee
If it interests you, it's also a good opportunity to do "volunteer works" for the time being (non profit organizations or company of interests) maybe not gonna bring you some money but surely will gain you experience at certain field of your choice (needless to say more confidence), most likely meet new people and eventually connections (that will somehow assist you later and maybe recommend you for a job) and might probably hone your arabic speaking skills.
answered Feb 15, 2018 by anonymous
check @zain ... or fastleco for shift jobs for call operators
answered Feb 15, 2018 by fatmah
LOYAC, definitely!!
answered Feb 20, 2018 by anonymous
I can’t believe people here ignored the premise of the question and focused on your arabic. Anyways, Zain has many great part-time job opportunities and their head office is located in shuwaikh. i would definetaly recommend contacting the hrm department either by phone or going to their head office and requesting a job interview. Good luck!
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