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looking for a parttime work like 4-6hours, I am kuwaity but i cant speak fluent arabic. Just need your suggestions, I hate sitting my ass when I am free.

asked May 22 in Work by -insein
Computer literate, workaholic, english speaking, nurse graduate.

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2 Answers

answered May 22 by anonymous
edited May 22
Don't worry there's plenty of Kuwaitis like yourself who speak little or no Arabic who have been brought up abroad or who have a non Kuwaiti parent. My suggestion is if you got time on your hands to do 4-6 hours work why not try doing some Arabic classes. Doesn't matter how old you are. Once you learn a bit it will be to your advantage. This speaking from some1 like ya self.  By the way don't bother with a part time job your wasting ya time and pay is crap. You will be lucky to find 1 coz u r kuwaiti.
commented May 22 by anonymous
Hi there.. Thanks for an inspiring message.. I tried  going into some private school before but I got confused because "kuwaity arabic" is different vs the one they taught which is "fus ha".. So I stopped. XD
commented Jun 8 by Sas
Hi again, don't worry stick with it. Your best bet is getting a private teacher. To come n teach you say 2-3 times a week. Once you got the basics it will easier learning the local dialect. Email me
answered May 24 by Sarah (420 points)
A lot of banks and telecommunications companies hire part time call center agents.
commented May 24 by anonymous
oh i see.. thanks
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