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Is WANSA a good TV brand?

asked May 23, 2017 in Automotive by Kuwait (3,300 points)
I only see electronics of this brand at XCite and nowhere else. Price-wise, cheapest - but no idea about quality. Anyone out there with reviews, especially for TVs? Thank You.

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7 Answers

answered May 23, 2017 by anonymous
It's cheap for a reason. I hope that helps.
commented May 23, 2017 by Amit
Have been in kwi for a long time...hav 3 wansa tv at home plus some home appliances...its been gud for years...cheap but reliable!!
answered May 8 by Chuck
Have a 42” TV for 5 yrs...no problems!
answered May 8 by anonymous
not the best but does the job
answered May 8 by dmcinc (1,670 points)
i bough a 32inch LCD wansa for my playstation 2 that time and it still working till now.

lets say 10years insh give or take. believe me its used alot, my bros play a lot. they used it till now for the playstation 4
answered May 8 by Navin
Wansa is Xcite's brand. Only Xcite sells it and it's not available in Eureka or any other electronics store. I've had a couple of appliances from Wansa; not a TV but I believe they last for quite some time. The TV would be no exception!
answered May 9 by flyjbfly (480 points)
Still have my 7 yr old 42” wansa, had my ps4 connected to it ever since, then got a smart 55” 4k ultra hd wansa. My games look pristine now and watching shows and movies on it is just immaculate. And I’ve moved the 42” to my bedroom, still allive and kicking.
answered May 9 by anonymous
Its good. Not great.
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