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does anyone know the contact details of good road side assistance services in case of a flat tire/tire replacement?

asked Jun 1, 2017 in Automotive by kk12002 (3,800 points)
had a flat tire recently.. called Toyota "Musaada" 24 hrs Roadside Assistance Service.. at least five times and was put on hold without anyone responding. so I google and called another number.. the guy shows up after 30 mins with a tow truck! I know how to change a spare but wanted a quicker solution to it.

so if anyone knows a flat tire related roadside assistance service.. reliable.. app based.. trackable or just reliable.. plz share..

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2 Answers

answered Jun 1, 2017 by Mark (54,240 points)
answered Jun 8, 2017 by anonymous
Your best bet is having a few tow truck numbers. You can find the numbers in the newspaper or you  might see some tow trucks all parked near your area.  Be sure to haggle.
If you have a flat tyre you don't need to change the tyre (depends how bad it is) you can inflate it with a co2 aerosol can which you can buy from ace. Check it out online. I always keep a can standby.
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