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Can anybody share their experience shopping at Namshi.com?

asked Jun 6 in Personal by VjSheri (890 points)
hello...i just went to namshi.com and saw that they have Kuwait page as well. so I have a few questions.
1) Do they sell original things
2) What is the delivery time
3) do things come packed or unpacked....I mean to say in their original boxes or packings or they just come in Namshi bags?

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2 Answers

answered Jun 6 by razoug
selected Jun 6 by VjSheri
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Hello i ordered four shirts from namshi and it was great. they ship in 6-9 days my order arrived in5 days! it ships from UAE everything it original and whats nice is that u can track your order and see where it exactly is !! they come in a box with namshi logo on it and your items are in separate packaging in the box.
answered Jun 6 by anonymous
I ordered Nike shoes, great price, very fast delivery within a week (from Dubai I believe), with original box as if you bought it from a local store. would recommend getting from them.
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