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Print Large Size Pictures for Walls

asked 5 days ago in Other by Anna
Hi, guys.

We moved in not too long ago into a new house and the walls look really dull. So I'm thinking of printing some large photos (canvas or metal) and hang them up.

Has anyone done this? Where's the best place to do it? And is it gonna cost me a leg and an arm?


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3 Answers

answered 5 days ago by VjSheri (790 points)
I saw Banta (Dajeej) have a printing room where they print big pictures, they even make full wallpapers of those pictures
commented 4 days ago by anonymous
Thank you! Much appreciated
answered 5 days ago by anonymous
commented 4 days ago by anonymous
OMG, thank you so so so much!!!
answered 1 day ago by Raz
You can get your own vinyl prints done at Kinkos (Kuwait City)
They also frame the prints if requested

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