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Is it possible to get a U.S. credit score from a Kuwaiti credit card and apply for a U.S. credit card based on said credit score without a SSN or tax id number?

asked Jun 18, 2017 in Other by anonymous
So the idea is that I have been using a Kuwaiti credit card ever since I was employed (I am not an American citizen) and wish to apply for a non-secured U.S. credit card without a SSN or tax id number and only based on a credit score of my Kuwaiti credit card (if I can get one).

Non-secured as in a credit card that does not require me to deposit an amount to use as if it was a debit card with the difference of actually building credit history whenever used.

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3 Answers

answered May 11, 2018 by anonymous
No, its not possible. Firstly, we don't have credit scores in Kuwait. Secondly, you must have an SSN especially for non-secured credit card.
answered May 11, 2018 by anonymous
Back when Obama was president the answer was yes. Now that we have a real president the answer is still yes, but it’s significantly harder.
answered May 12, 2018 by anonymous
No, it is not possible without a social security number. Regardless, of the president as mentioned in the other comment.
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