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Document attestation fees estimate

asked Jun 19, 2017 in Other by SG

Could anyone please let me know how much is charged by lawyers for document attestation in Kuwait?
I have to get this done for my Aus PR application.


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2 Answers

answered Jun 21, 2017 by anonymous
It is usually 1KD per document.
commented Jun 21, 2017 by SG
I tried to reach out to one office and they quoted me 50 KD for each document. I have about 4-5 documents and its costly. Would you know of any firms that do it? Would be really helpful.
answered Jul 16, 2017 by Burhan
To attest documents, you need to translate the document, get the translation attested, and then attest the document.

Depending on what ministry you need attestation from, the costs range from 5 to 10 KD per document (per stamp).

You can approach any of the translation offices (there are a few across the street from the liberation tower) that offer both translation and attestation services.

It is definitely not 50 KD per document, that person is just trying to fleece you.
commented Jul 17, 2017 by SG
Thanks a lot Burhan for the info. I just had to get the lawyer to certify that the copies are same as the original document and i managed to find one who did everything under 10 KD. The office i contacted and quoted me 50-100 KD per document was lawyer Fajer who usually puts posts on this blog.

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