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Where can i find the best workshop to fix Classic Gaming Consoles

asked Jun 27, 2017 in Technology by anonymous
While cleaning out my basement i stumbled upon my old gamecube and some games and i was so excited to try it out and live through my nostolgia but to my surprise when i plugged everything in it it did not work and i was left heartbroken. I'd really like to play some games on it so can you guys help me locate the best workshop to fix it? (Preferably not in Rihab i loathe that place)
Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

answered Jun 28, 2017 by Mark (54,440 points)
Only place you might get it repaired is Rihab, but most likely they can't and you'll just have to buy a second hand Gamecube.. also from Rihab.

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