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Can i drive via a foreign driving license in kuwait if I am a tourist here? for example i came to kuwait for a visit, and i have a lebanese driving license, may i be able to drive legally ?

asked Jun 30, 2017 in Other by anonymous

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2 Answers

answered Jun 30, 2017 by anonymous
edited Jun 30, 2017
Never mind - looks like Mark has the better answer below
answered Jun 30, 2017 by Mark (55,820 points)
Yes you can drive with a foreign license if you're a tourist as long as the license is in English or Arabic and possibly depending where it was issued. If its not in English or Arabic then you need to get an international license (which is just a translation of your current license but into other languages). In any case double check with the rental company.
commented Jul 2, 2017 by anonymous
So there is no need to get an international license ? I've heard that a lebanese license is not accepted in kuwait.
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