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Best car detailing center?

asked Jul 8 in Automotive by Mak
I am looking to detail my newly purchased second hand car. It would be helpful if you guys could advise since the car has alot of scratches in interior plastic. Would like to get rid of that

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3 Answers

answered Jul 8 by Mark (46,130 points)
answered Jul 8 by Beentheredonethat
commented Jul 8 by Mark (46,130 points)
He asked for detailing not protection
commented Jul 9 by Beentheredonethat
All those companies offer superb detailing, exterior that is

Scratch that lol
answered Jul 9 by Navin
Hmm...I would recommend ProntoWash. So also try looking up for Wash Co. on Instagram as I believe they do a good job when it comes to detailing (interior/ exterior) though the guy I messaged on WhatsApp never replied to me until now!
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