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Newborn baby pampers?

asked Jul 8 in Personal by anonymous
Does anyone know from where can we purchase lots of pampers for newborn at a reasonable price?

We've looked in a lot of places - but they don't seem to have the Size 0 on sale anywhere
Nor do we know of any place in Kuwait that sells them on wholesale  (thus, cheaper than a regular market price)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S.: any generic brand will do as long as it does the job!

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5 Answers

answered Jul 9 by anonymous
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You can check out the Police Co-op in South Surra, I have twins so I buy everything there. A lot of people have been telling me about something called Souq London and Souq Ramez in Shuwaikh somewhere but I haven't tried them. Don't worry your kid will outgrow the newborn diapers in no time so you'll be able to find good offers on the bigger sizes :)
answered Jul 8 by Anonymous
Any co-op
 mishref has huge collection
answered Jul 8 by anonymous
I am not sure which coops/supermarkets you checked, but I see them all the time.

you can also order online from taw9eel: https://www.taw9eel.com/en/baby-care-pharmacy-1/baby-care/diapers-wipes-1.html
answered Jul 9 by m&m
edited Jul 9
go to MTC showroom in shuwaikh "al tammor street" (dates street) they  sell in wholesale he is a local dealer the brand is darlings......congratulation on your new born
answered Jul 9 by anonymous
Also don't buy too many size 0.  They grow quickly!  In a couple of weeks you'll be at size 1 and a couple of weeks after that you'll be at size 2.

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