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Can I drive using my GCC driving license when I visit Kuwait?

asked Jul 12 in Hobbies by Expat from Oman
I am a SouthEast Asian expat based in Oman. I have obtained an Oman Driving License and got the International Driving License  from Oman too. I want to visit friends there and I wish to experience driving in Kuwait. Will I get into trouble if I drive using the documents I mentioned above? Thanks a lot.

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4 Answers

answered Jul 12 by Mark (45,790 points)
From my understanding if you're here with a tourist visa you can drive with your foreign license.
answered Jul 13 by GoogleIt
You can drive with your Omani license because it's within the GCC.
answered Jul 16 by Burhan
GCC licenses are valid throughout the GCC.  You are welcome to drive and rent a car here on your GCC license, as long as you are on a visit visa.

You don't need to carry the IDL with you - it only serves as a translation and it is not required within the GCC.
commented Jul 16 by Kuwait (2,800 points)
I guess its the same the other way around - I drove around in Oman with my Kuwait License just fine.
answered Jul 23 by anonymous
As already answered, GCC licenses are valid for the whole region on a reciprocal basis.
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