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Probability of getting another 1-year multiple entry Schengen visa (and which embassy to apply at?)

asked Jul 17, 2017 in Other by Anon.
I have had two multiple entry Schengen visas issued in the past (the latest one being a 1-year duration). I now have a trip planned (for one week, one EU country) but will travel in Feb and June to EU again. This being my 3rd Schengen visa application, how bright are my chances of getting another 1-year (or longer) multiple-entry visa this time?

I was told that they look at your previous travel history (in addition to proof of funds and return ticket) to grant you long duration visa. Is there a way I can present my intent of future travel to the Embassy (via VFS Global, actually) to strengthen my application?

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2 Answers

answered Jul 17, 2017 by anonymous
edited Jul 17, 2017
I've gotten 3 Schengen visas in the last 3.5 years. The first two were multiple-entry 1-year ones and to my surprise, the 3rd one was a 2-year one.

I think it all depends. I didn't tell them I was planning any other trip besides the one I went on but they still gave me a longer one the third time around.

Also, I'm Kuwaiti, not sure if that affected anything (besides getting the visa within a week).
commented Jul 18, 2017 by anonymous
Did you submit a single-country or multiple-destination itinerary for the visa application? And which embassies did you apply to each time?
answered Jul 17, 2017 by anonymous
From my experience, these are the things that play into the VISA duration in order:
1- Your nationality.
2- The duration of your health and travel insurance. Two-year insurance might boost the chances of you getting a two-year VISA.
3- Your VISA history. Make sure you attach a copy of all your previous VISAS even from older passports if you have any.
4- Your passport expiry date.
commented Jul 18, 2017 by anonymous
I think you replied in a generic sense, and not all your information is correct.

1. AFAIK, Schengen travel insurance can only be bought for the duration of the trip, maximum upto 180 days (because Schengen tourist visa follows the 90/180 rule). So I dont think they consider a 1 or 2 year travel insurance policy as a valid one!

2. The Schengen visa application anyway asks for your previous visa detail, so that's not an additional data point
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