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Where to buy natural soaps?

asked Jul 29 in Personal by anonymous
I'm interested in getting natural soaps (castile soap, soaps made from olive oil). Where are some places that sell them?

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4 Answers

answered Jul 29 by Mark (46,130 points)
I think LUSH is all natural. Also in Avenues there is a Lebanese soap store that has soaps made from olive oil and the like. I think its in Phase 2 upstairs.
answered Jul 31 by anonymous
check apothecary stores like the one in mishref co-op its called 3attar عطار or 7awway حواي in arabic
answered Aug 2 by anonymous

I own a family business that sells hand-made natural soaps. I you are interested please contact me below:-


or email

answered Aug 2 by anonymous
i buy mine from an ig store called natures_body_shop , they're pretty good and reasonably priced (not expensive at all) and don't take too long to arrive
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