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Who does metal plating?

asked Aug 3, 2017 in Automotive by anonymous
Does anyone know if there's anywhere in the Shuwaikh jungle that does metal plating? I have a bunch of nuts and bolts, from a motorbike I'm restoring, that need re-plating - specifically zinc plating.

Google has thrown up some industrial companies that seem to do large scale projects, but think they'll probably laugh if i turn up with a bag of bolts.


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2 Answers

answered Aug 3, 2017 by anonymous
You can do it yourself with a spray can of zinc coating.
Try Ghannam Hardware in Shuwaikh, I think I saw a CRC branded can there
commented Aug 3, 2017 by anonymous
Thanks for the contribution, but spraying a can of cold galvanising zinc is not the process I'm after. Thanks though.
answered Aug 6, 2017 by Anonymous
tbh your best bet is doing what you just said (going to a large scale place)... you never know they might do it
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