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tobacco importing for personal use is it allowed in Kuwait ?

asked Aug 6, 2017 in Personal by ii31al (120 points)
Hello there

I am about to order tobacco for personal
use from "smokingpipes" shipped by UPS Express Saver is there any chance it could  be sized or not allowed to enter the country ? Anybody here tried to order before ?

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2 Answers

answered Aug 6, 2017 by anonymous
No no no no no no no no.  Not even half a cigarette if it is coming through mail.  They are super strict about this.  Also in a few days tobacco will have a 200% tax added.  A pack of cigarettes will be close to 2KD.
commented Aug 6, 2017 by anonymous
Do you want to actually provide some verified sources for this 200% tax?
commented Aug 7, 2017 by anonymous
Minister of Finance announced this.  Just google it
commented Aug 7, 2017 by anonymous
I did google it! it says nothing about 200%, the only mention is an intention to increase the price on energy drinks and cigarettes by 100%!

Get your facts straight before you start dumping them on the internet!


Maybe you need to just google it next time :-)
commented Aug 8, 2017 by anonymous
Why do I even bother replying to idiots.  Order your tobacco online buddy.  Hope you choke on it.
answered Aug 7, 2017 by Anonymous
Bad idea it will get confiscated, and you would probably be punished for it by law enforcement
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