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Do you know the best doctor and the best hospital for GERD (acid reflux problem) I took omeprazole and it doesn't works on me. Please help :(

asked Aug 9, 2017 in Other by Sara Flinz

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3 Answers

answered Aug 10, 2017 by anonymous
GERD is a common condition that any doctor or hospital can be consulted. For a good specialized doctor I would recommend Dr. Jaber Al-Ali.
commented Aug 10, 2017 by Sara Flinz
Thanks anyway for the quick response. But I have no idea what exactly the hospital he works for.
commented Aug 13, 2017 by anonymous
He has an afternoon clinic in Mazaya. Call for an appointment before you go.
commented Aug 13, 2017 by anonymous
thanks so much for the info ...
answered Aug 13, 2017 by anonymous
Try maalox plus. GERD can also be related to constipation. Try a LOW FODMAP diet (research it).
commented Aug 13, 2017 by Sara Flinz
Thanks anyway for the suggestions.. I am on low carb diet.. now want to try Low fodmap as your suggestion. Thank u.. :)
answered Aug 27, 2017 by Sarah (480 points)
My acid reflux is so awful that it forces me to throw up. However, I find my symptoms noticeably relieved when I take Nexium 40 at night and in the morning. It's available at any pharmacy for about 8.5 KWD and is SO WORTH IT!
commented Aug 27, 2017 by anonymous
Me too.. I was suffered with that.. But everythings goes well after endoscopy. The doctor gave me Lansoprazole. But thanks anyway for your suggestion .. That would be useful for me :)
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