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Do you know the best doctor and the best hospital for GERD (acid reflux problem) I took omeprazole and it doesn't works on me. Please help :(

asked Aug 10 in Other by Sara Flinz

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2 Answers

answered Aug 10 by anonymous
GERD is a common condition that any doctor or hospital can be consulted. For a good specialized doctor I would recommend Dr. Jaber Al-Ali.
commented Aug 10 by Sara Flinz
Thanks anyway for the quick response. But I have no idea what exactly the hospital he works for.
commented 6 days ago by anonymous
He has an afternoon clinic in Mazaya. Call for an appointment before you go.
commented 6 days ago by anonymous
thanks so much for the info ...
answered 6 days ago by anonymous
Try maalox plus. GERD can also be related to constipation. Try a LOW FODMAP diet (research it).
commented 6 days ago by Sara Flinz
Thanks anyway for the suggestions.. I am on low carb diet.. now want to try Low fodmap as your suggestion. Thank u.. :)
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