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closed Procedure to scrap car.

asked Aug 18, 2017 in Automotive by anonymous
closed Aug 20, 2017 by Mark
Dear All,

Can you please advice to procedure to scrap a damaged car old model 2005, not interested in repairing.

If anyone has done the procedure please advice the step.

Thanks in advance

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answered Aug 18, 2017 by Anonymous
answered Aug 19, 2017 by anonymous
any details on the procedure?
answered Aug 19, 2017 by Riba (1,520 points)
I am the one who asked the original question linked in the comments.

Anyway, unless something changed, you need to take your car to the Amghara traffic department:


I believe you need to find someone who will take it to scrapyard, but any tow truck with gladly take it off your hands as they will get some $$$ at the end.

There it will be inspected and you will get the papers. With those papers you go to the traffic department in your area, but they redirected me to the one in Jabriya. Maybe it depends where the car was originally registered. That is it.
commented Aug 19, 2017 by op
thanks riba for the details , i just have a few questions....

Q1. Since my car is damaged and cannot be driven , would I have to tow it to amghara? (i already clamined third party insurance and decided to scrap)

Q2. If yes to first question then if I get the papers from amghara and go to jabriya (since I am
residing in salmiya)  and give the plates and papers.in jabriya... do I need to tow the car to jabriya ? (or can I tell tow guy to scrap it provided someone fixes the rate for the scrap )

thank in advance
commented Aug 19, 2017 by Riba (1,520 points)
Yes, you need to tow it to Amghara location. Once you do paperwork there the car is taken to its final resting place and you are done with it, from then on you just need to haul yourself and the license plates. You can negotiate a free towing in exchange for a car, I think they can get up to 100 KWD on scrapyard. I guess you are like me and you just wanted to get rid of it with minimum fuss.
commented Aug 19, 2017 by op
Ok so you mean to say after i get the papers and the plates  at Amghara. I don't need the car after that?

I could make a deal with the tow guy or a guy he knows to get a deal and aslo would need to pay the guy rate for towing it...

like if i get 80 kwd .. the towing would be deducted and he take care of the scraping..
commented Aug 19, 2017 by Riba (1,520 points)
Correct, you don't need it after that. Keep in mind that in order to negotiate a price for a wreck you would need to go to the scrapyard which is all the way out in the Salmi desert area. Depends on the car I guess, for me it was not worth it.
commented Aug 20, 2017 by anonymous
edited Aug 27, 2017
Thanks riba for the comments.

Well just for anyone reading and since mark closed, the post..well

I got a crane or wrenge guy and discussed the matter
and we went of in the morning 8...am to pick the car
and headed to the salmi desert area since he said
lets go and see better than nothing.. 40 kms and
the heat we got there and showed the car to a
couple of scrap guys and closed a deal on one
who said he will help with the canceling .

Basically they submit the application
to scrap  or surrender the number plate (form)
along with copy of car registration
and civil id copy. along with a paper
that u you are giving for scrap from the
guy taking it.Once its
done in amgra station. and they check
n confirm and get the papers done

Those papers need to be submitted
to your governate traffic dept.Say if
you are in salmiya you go to the new
building that opened up in opp mubrak
and you show the paper and get in
and submit the paper and the sign it
and take it and then wait unit
the officers at the left section call
your name and ask you to submit
the numberplate and give you a
cancel paper. you can give the paper
to the scrap guys since they need it
to scrap your car.
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