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Anyone have any idea why Zain's internet has gone to shit in the past month? My contract is about to expire and i was considering the new Bolt but i'm hesitant.

asked Aug 20, 2017 in Technology by anonymous

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3 Answers

answered Aug 20, 2017 by kk12002 (3,860 points)
I am with you. it's become not only slow but lot of network signal drops. it's probably because they had lot of offers for cheap and now their network had gotten clogged.. so they started throttling
answered Aug 21, 2017 by nabeel
facing the same, i think their area coverage is not up to mark, even their technical support. i complained the same and never returned back only once they called me & i was not at home.

in maidan hawally, it doesnt even open a website sometimes, but same internet in sharq,  gives a downloading speed of 2.5Mb/s.

they dont care about the after service, only sales.

i dont recommend Zain [postpaid / prepaid] to any one living in salmiya, shaab, maidan hawally .
shit internet
commented Feb 16 by Killshot (640 points)
yep I concur I can't even stream 360p videos my 2mb dsl internet is doing a better job.What do you recommend for those people living there, because I'd really like to be able to stream a 20 min video at 720p and not take 2 hrs to load
answered Aug 21, 2017 by Wael
Might as well go for landline DSL. Although it offers limited speeds dependent on your area, at least it is reliable.
commented Aug 21, 2017 by anonymous
Unfortunately, living in a rental apartment doesn't allow for a landline.
commented Aug 21, 2017 by anonymous
Actually it does.
commented Feb 16 by Killshot (640 points)
I've been living in a rental for years, what the hell are you talking about no landline.How do I have dsl internet then
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