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What are some fine restaurants for a newly married couple?

asked Aug 31, 2017 in Food by anonymous
Preferably restaurants that have a romantic and a shade of sophistication (if that makes sense) atmosphere.

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4 Answers

answered Aug 31, 2017 by anonymous
Luna Restaurant at Symphony Style Hotel
commented Sep 5, 2017 by Khaled (3,780 points)
Yes but the food is unfortunately bad
answered Aug 31, 2017 by Mark (65,480 points)
The new italian restaurant at Four Seasons, Dai Forni fits the bill
commented Aug 31, 2017 by anonymous
how expensive is it? how much should 2 people expect to pay?
commented Aug 31, 2017 by Mark (65,480 points)
30-40kd or more if she orders one of the lobster or wagu dishes. If you stick to basic pastas and pizzas you might be able to keep the bill under 20.
answered Sep 3, 2017 by anonymous
Ricardos in Sheraton XD
answered Sep 5, 2017 by Khaled (3,780 points)
The boom at Radisson or the sky lounge

Also you could try the Sheraton restaurants


Kuwait towers have an quiet  alacarte area

Bice inside

Le Notre sea side ( you can book a privatise cabana with flowers and stuff)

Salt olio and pepper 3 restaurants at jumeirah

And while not fancy but vigonovo was quiet adultlike not in Kuwait restaurant. However it's moving from one location to another
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