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Where can I buy felt?

asked Sep 8, 2017 in Hobbies by Anonymous
Im surprised I have not been able to find it myself, I went to ace hardware and bin nisf

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2 Answers

answered Sep 8, 2017 by Alphanso (5,420 points)
edited Sep 8, 2017 by Alphanso
bin nisf has it near the silicon area. as u enter go straight, Its on the left side. IF you cant find it show them a picture. The sales people know it with another name.
commented Sep 8, 2017 by Anonymous
I did that! He just stared at it blank and said mako (not here) but will check the next time I go
answered Sep 8, 2017 by Mark (57,180 points)
I'd check at Barakat, if they don't have it they'll probably be able to point you to a place that does
commented Sep 8, 2017 by Anonymous
Thanks will check it out

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