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which restaurant has the best Indian chicken Biriyani in kuwait?

asked Sep 8 in Food by anonymous
edited Sep 8
with thin basmati rice.. not the thick Arabic rice or sweet flavor ones..

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8 Answers

answered Sep 8 by Sunny
One of the good one's i've found lately, "Marwah Restaurant, Dum Biryani" in Salmiya. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/isCSqe6wPbC2 Their Chicken Dum Biryani is pretty decent imo.
commented Sep 8 by anonymous
Found the Marwah to be pretty dry.

There was a great restaurant on Isa Al Qatami Street called Biryani Point. I think it's under renovation now.

Apart from that Copper Chimney and Taal serve decent dum Biryani.
answered Sep 9 by Optimus
answered Sep 9 by aleemp (580 points)
Route Ledo's biryani is pretty good.

answered Sep 10 by Salah
It's been a while since I've had Biriani in a restaurant, but I clearly remeber that Asha's was so good.
answered Sep 11 by anonymous
Biryani Express. Yes its expensive, but hands down the best I have had in Kuwait.
answered Sep 12 by anonymous
Try Biryani Pot!!
answered Sep 12 by Mubi
answered Sep 12 by Navin
To all the Indian restaurants that I have been here...I would highly recommend Kumar @ Murouj Sahara Complex and Copper Chimney in that particular order.

If you're looking at value-for-money check out Woodland Restaurant in Salmiya and even Oriental has good biryani!

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