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Travelling with infants: warm water for their milk?

asked Nov 20, 2017 in Personal by First Time Mom
We will be travelling with our infants soon and we'll be at the Kuwait airport for about 3+ hours and at Muscat Airport for about 3 hours - does anyone know what can we do about warm water for our babies milk?

Can we take warm water with us in a vacuum flask? Will they allow it at the airport?
The water will have to be more than 100 ml since i have twins & they drink about 120 ml at a time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S.: the travel agent has booked "baby meal" stating that we'll get water in the airplane - but he didn't mention anything about the airport.

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7 Answers

answered Nov 23, 2017 by anonymous
Best answer
just traveled recently transit uae.. etc.. no issues at all carrying 1.7 liter flask of hot water and bottled water. plus baby milk powder.. meds etc. keep it all in one bag though. no questions asked. also don't forget to carry a baby stroller.. all types are allowed.. but we carried a light weight foldable one.. it's allowed upto the plane.. u hand it over to the staff there and later when u exit the flight.. contact the ground staff and they give it to u before deboard

p. s we refilled the hot water in flight.. ask the hostesses
commented Nov 23, 2017 by anonymous
If you have those mini foldable ones, you can even take it on board the plane and store it above you.
answered Nov 21, 2017 by JT (500 points)
Travelled via Kuwait Airways last December and had carried a flask that had warm water which was well over 100ml. We were dreading the same too, but didn't face an issue at any checkpoint.
answered Nov 21, 2017 by Khaled (3,700 points)
I get hot water from the flight attendants, who I'm sure have some experience in similar situations
answered Nov 21, 2017 by anonymous
There's no other way than taking those tall flasks that keep heat for a long time. Since you only need it for the airport, you 'might' only face a problem during the screening before you board the plane (in Kuwait airport), if you cannot bring it, just empty it and fill it again in Muscat airport on the way back. On the plane they can provide you with hot water.

Also, security are more lenient and relaxed in these situations especially in the gulf region.
answered Nov 21, 2017 by Mark (61,740 points)
I can't take a closed bottle of water on the plane so doubt you'll be able to take a large flask. they're pretty strict.
answered Nov 21, 2017 by anonymous
You can get a cup of hot water from airport lounges as well as coffee shops I think.
answered Nov 21, 2017 by anonymous
you get get hot water from starbucks and wait for it to cool down a bit. if they wont let you then you can probably order tea and just not put the teabag in. hopefully thing go well for you
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