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Would you visit a Russian restaurant in Kuwait?

asked Oct 2 in Food by Russian restaurant in Kuwait
Hi, All! We are Russian family living in Kuwait and would like to bring motherland kitchen to the local community. What do you think about this? Let us know  :)

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7 Answers

answered Oct 2 by Kuwaiti
I don't know it definitely would be interesting since I don't know anything about Russian food.

You might think of combining the two cultures in one food this is what happening, for example with most Japanese restaurants in Kuwait.
answered Oct 2 by anonymous
Only if it served vodka.
answered Oct 2 by anonymous
sounds yum but i dont think most people have any familiarity with russian food so you would need a good busy location for people to try it out
answered Oct 3 by anonymous
I don't believe Kuwaitis would like it. It's mostly soup, gravy, grains and cabbage, unless you make it trendy and modern, and concentrate on the HEALTHY part of the food.

What I would consider is a bakery/dessert shop. Brown bread, grain bread, Kirpich, this is all considered healthy now. As well as blini (which is IN now), pirashki, honey cake etc.
answered Oct 3 by anonymous

Please bring Russian food to Kuwait!  

With Russian Tea!  

Пожалуйста, сделайте это!
answered Oct 3 by Bahaa (730 points)
I would definitely visit to try it. Whether I come back or not will depend on many factors.
answered Oct 4 by anonymous
Also don't just ask here for interest. Make a free online survey and send it to everyone you know and ask them to send it to everyone you know.
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