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where can i buy a special turkish coffee?

asked Oct 3 in Food by Mak
I really like to drink turkish coffee. apart from alameed and refai where else can i buy and try out different turkish coffees like with a special taste then usual.Also does anyone know of shop which sells the coffee with hazelnut mixed?


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3 Answers

answered Oct 4 by anonymous
Try Kahve Dunyasi - it is food  chain from Turkey. https://www.instagram.com/kahvedunyasikw/
They sell variety of their own brand coffee and chocolates ...
answered Oct 6 by forzaq8 (1,820 points)
if you go the Dates Market in Industrial  Shuwaikh , there is a shop called Dareen دارين  , Has a variety of  Turkish Coffee
answered Oct 10 by Khaled (1,490 points)
shagra in Ahmadi

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