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Why Al Hamra bussines tower AC is freezing

asked Oct 4 in Other by Turbo
The company where i work, is in this building. And i start experiencing healthy problem because of the AC. I did complain, seems they cant do anything. Even im wearing a jacket and it still cold
Do any one who are working in this building also experiencing the same?   

Thank you

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7 Answers

answered Oct 4 by anonymous
Wouldn’t it be easier to talk to someone there.
answered Oct 4 by anonymous
I recommend you quit your job, and look for a warmer office.
answered Oct 4 by anonymous
I guess you need to work as a site engineer and enjoy the warm weather outside.

Just a tip :)
answered Oct 4 by Mark (46,650 points)
My office in hamra was super hot. Our marketing department actually had a portable ac unit set up because it would get so hot in the summer.
answered Oct 4 by anonymous
In the hottest country on earth complaining about AC is freezing.. How ironic!
answered Oct 4 by TKG
Open up a window. Simple :)
answered Oct 5 by Naturally Aspirated
That's the "Compressor"  plan  to kill the "Turbo"
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