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best way to download 500 gb in short time

asked Dec 1, 2017 in Technology by Paul (680 points)
I have about 500 gb that I need to restore from CrashPlan, is there any place where I can pay and download it within a day or two?
the last time I tried to download such a file, took me around 2 weeks.

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2 Answers

answered Dec 1, 2017 by anonymous
u can contact a isp sales person...if its for a company...


Turbo 3G     7,2 Mbit/s     165:42:03
4G     80 Mbit/s     14:54:47
answered Dec 4, 2017 by Matz
Ok here you have a tricky problem but it is not a difficult one.
First you need to download the Free Download Manager (FDM) available for free in in you PC or MAC.
Then the link for your backup you can download from inside this software, the good thing is you can get better speed and also you can pause in between.

I have honestly downloaded around 25GB of data per day on Average with this baby, try it out. I guess you will be able to complete the full download before the weekend.

Note: Please ensure your Modem (if you are using a Mobile Router) is having good signal coverage and connectivity.
commented Dec 11, 2017 by MATZ
Check maybe these people can help you out.
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