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Where to dispose of old car parts like springs?

asked Oct 6 in Automotive by anonymous
I have a few old car parts like springs, old shocks, etc and I am wondering where to dispose of it responsibly.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

answered Oct 6 by anonymous
u can take it to suwiekh and give it to workshops.. if you leave it outside..they yellow truck people pick stuff up
commented Oct 6 by anonymous
I had the old springs replaced at a shop in shuweikh but then they put the old parts in my trunk and said I had to dispose of them, they cant leave them outside their shop because the baladiya will fine them.
commented Oct 6 by anonymous
yeah that doesn't make sense.  All this metal is worth a lot, even if broken and old.  People steal manhole covers.  Baladiya won't even have a chance to take it.  Someone would take it themselves if they saw it thrown out.  Man, people rummage the trash for cardboard boxes.
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