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Iam a Computer Engineer with my Salary in Idn Amal is 350kd. Can i get a license ?

asked Oct 7 in Work by Firoz Rahiman
Hi sir

Iam a Computer Engineer with my Salary in Idn Amal is 350kd.

I have been through many of the websites and posts related to Applying Driving license in Kuwait.

There they have stated two conditions
1. Salary condition
2. Residency condition

But A person with Computer Engineer Designation is Exempted from above conditions.

Are these are implemented in Kuwait law. ?

As because when i approach my company Mandoub and Some typing centers who are into preparing documents for Applying Driving licenses,
they said even a Engineer should have 600kd salary to get his license.

Can you please clarify me on this issue.

Engineer with 350 salary can Apply a Driving license ?
Has This law been implemented by Kuwait Ministry. ?

Awaiting your valuable information

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2 Answers

answered Oct 7 by anonymous
u can apply and see what they say..if u meet the other crierata of x years in kwt + u have ur degree n arabic translation saying engineer try... they can tell reason for rejection...
commented Oct 7 by firoz rahiman chabuksavar shaik
Thanx for ur comment.
But as to apply any one can apply but was looking for confirmed news of engineer who got his license recently with out salary being 600
For Engineer x years in kuwait also not applicable.
commented Oct 8 by VjSheri (950 points)
i got the driving license by having an engineer as my designation and 450 salary on my izn amal but that was in November 2012....i don't know they follow the same rules now or not
answered Oct 8 by Mak
Hi, The condition you mentioned doesn't apply for engineers. Make sure you all the right attestation on your degree and that is it. i got my license after 5-6 months from getting my residency done.
commented Oct 8 by firoz rahiman chabuksavar shaik
Hi Mak
Really appreciated for ur answer.

So you got ur license with Engineer profession without any condition of salary and Residence ?

I have my Bachelors Degree attested, both original and Translated
So i can get my license even my salary is 350 ?
commented Oct 8 by Mak
Yes, I did not match the salary nor the residency condition. Got my license this year june. Also so did my seven of my other friends with the same situation. but you have to run around for a i bit for getting the istimara done.
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