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Had a harrowing experience renewing my license in Ahmadi, hundreds more facing the same, What is wrong?

asked Oct 7 in Automotive by Disturbed
Hundreds of people line up everyday to get their license renewed daily. I was one of them. Its the same story every day, no cards, and no token system, and the place dominated by company mandoobs who own the place. Few people who I spoke with are still not done renewing and their licenses expired a long time ago!
Why isn't anything being done about it? And why is no one sitting up to take notice?

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3 Answers

answered Oct 7 by anonymous
Because its Kuwait, and this only affects expats.  Lovely I know.
answered Oct 8 by anonymous
it's happened to me last Ramadan, for 3 weeks I was back & forth, they let you wait for hours (take note for hours with a "S") not moving the cue of people, mostly are coming from morning. But I found the "key" after 3 weeks, Wasta, yes Wasta! in 30 mins my license renewed, to the tune of 20KD no bargaining.
answered Oct 8 by The Common Man
Everyone says "because its Kuwait". Is that reason enough? Why can't these things be brought to the notice of the higher authorities? Why does the "common man" have to go through this every time? I was lucky that I didn't need wasta or money, and the fact that it was my motorcycle license that had expired. But I know people who are still shuttling back and forth to get something as mundane as a license renewal done! Should that be even required? Doesn't the common man deserve better?
commented Oct 8 by anonymous
Again, its Kuwait, you’re an expat,  you’re not the ‘common’ man, so nobody cares.  Higher ‘authorities’ have definitely noticed, since this problem has been discussed in the papers.
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