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Where is a good place to learn how much I can sell my old computer parts

asked Dec 6, 2017 in Technology by Killshot (690 points)
edited Dec 6, 2017 by Killshot
I bought a prebuilt "gaming" computer about 6 months ago.The meaning of a "gaming" computer is very subjective but my pc can run all titles at almost maxed out settings in 1080p. I think it's due for an upgrade and I wanted to sell my old used part but I don't know where or how much to sell it for.Let's start with the latter where can I get a good idea of the price I should sell for.Selling for the Amazon price seems naive as selling locally should net me much more money after all someone sold a gtx 1060 for 125 kd in the classified section (the 3gb version lol) at least the ad says it was sold, but if I go too crazy with the price then no one will buy it , so how can I choose a price that is both kinda reasonable and fetches me a hefty price. Now to the other issue where can I find a place to sell my used pc parts.

P.s for anyone that's interested I am only selling my cpu an i5-6400 never overclocked can run every game at almost maxed out settings (I only say that because of the witcher 3 and rise of the tomb raider :( every other game is max), VR capable cpu, my gtx 1060 is more than enough for most titles and I only need to upgrade if I actually buy a 4k monitor/screen

P.p.s Completely unrelated question but why is registration disabled in the community section, seems quite odd did you get lots of spammers???

P.p.p.s oh you closed it at feb 24

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1 Answer

answered Dec 7, 2017 by anonymous
Yeah that's not really a gaming PC, VR wouldn't look very nice on those specs either. I doubt you can run every game released this year on max.

Check the prices on ebay, then add 20 KD on top. You should also check Arabic sale forums to get an idea of how much used PC parts cost. I don't think there's a shop that buys used parts. Your best bet is to find an individual buyer.
commented Dec 8, 2017 by Killshot (690 points)
Like I said the meaning of a "gaming" pc is very subjective and not one set definition of min specs for something to be called one.I ran steam VR before I posted anticipating someone would question its VR capabilities https://imgur.com/a/3EERH, still you're probably right it wouldn't be the best VR experience but at least the CPU meets the minimum specs for doom VFR, a pretty demanding title. I merely said that it was VR capable which it clearly is plus VR seems to rely more on VRAM, for example, doom recommends a whopping 8gb VRAM.

As for running every game released this year on max, I can run it but see I said 1080p and there was no mention of the frame rates I would get. If I get rare minor stuttering doesn't mean I can't run it at max. I got Tekken 7, shadow of war, Wolfenstein, the evil within 2 and death of the outsider all running at max (also cuphead which is a great game and has great graphics but I wouldn't exactly call it "graphical demanding"). I tried injustice 2's beta but I am waiting till it gets cracked because the online didn't seem worth it at all and I ain't buying that crappy AC game.

Ebay is subjective, it doesn't have a steady price but I'll try the Arab forums thanks.
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